MewTwo Makes a Comeback in Pokemon X And Y With a New Look

Pokemon X and Y are going to be real game changers as these will be the first two games in the series to take a massive leap towards more lively graphics for the player to explore.

While Pokemon X and Y are undoubtedly setting off a lot of fans to cheer in joy with the constant updates it appears that we see a familiar face to help make the journey even more so relate-able. Remember the classic Pokemon, MewTwo? The Team Rocket experiment gone rogue who also had a fantastic movie? well it appears that he is making a comeback but with a massive makeover!

It appears that MewTwo has really changed over the years. The Legendary Pokemon has been confirmed to be in X & Y thanks to the latest issue of Pokemon Smash that showed the first scans of him. MewTwo will be coming to a new Pokemon film too, Extreme Speed Genesect: Mewtwo Awakens, which is due out soon.

Currently the million dollar question on every Pokemon Fans mind is whether this is the same MewTwo or a reattempt by Team Rocket to clone a new MewTwo? This question will hopefully have an answer to match in the coming future!

Source: Gamerant