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Insomiac Discusses Fuse, It Won’t Have an Online Pass or Microtransactions

Fuse, by Insomniac Games, is coming out in May in North America and Europe, and Insomniac answered questions in a FAQ for those curious.

Here’s the answers given by Insomniac to the most important questions about Fuse:

  • You can play the entire game along or with one friend or two or three or fou–oh, they draw the line at three. Sorry.
  • You can play split-screen with one other person locally, with the other two characters controlled by online friends.
  • If playing solo, Insomniac made it so the “AI bots [are] helpful, but not kill stealing jerks.” You also can switch between any character at any point using the “LEAP” feature.
  • Fuse supports drop-in/drop-out co-op as long as you allow friends to join when you start your game, allowing them to instantly control AI bots.
  • Echelon mode is “an offensive wave-based co-operative mode across 6 different maps.”
  • The artstyle of Fuse differs from Overstrike due to a tonal shift — “The result is a better game.”
  • No online pass. Also, “there are no microtransactions to make up for it.”
  • Free demo coming soon.
  • The box art focuses on the weapons, refusing to show the characters faces: “The game’s core focus is on the Fuse-powered weapons and the way you can combo them with each other. So, we wanted to make them front and center.”
  • Insomniac won’t make a new Spyro game “because he has no hands.”

Source: PlayStation Lifestyle