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Harmonix Servers Hacked, Pulls Down Sites For Investigation

Harmonix has shut down the websites for Rock Band and Dance Central in the wake of the recent Server hack that may have resulted in the compromising of the personal information of some users. Fortunately, the information stolen does not include any financial details or social security numbers.

The following excerpt is from an email that was sent to all users:

The security of your Harmonix user information is very important to us. We’ve taken the sites down while we investigate this incident and determine how our systems and the information we maintain may have been compromised. At this time, we have not found that any of our users’ information has been published or misused. None of our sites maintain any credit card information, social security numbers, or financial account numbers for any of our users.

While the damage from the attacks seems to be minimal, all account passwords have been reset and users will be prompted to choose new ones when the site is back up.