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Total War Arena Takes Multiplayer To Next Level

Developed by The Creative Assembly, Total War: Arena is a massively multiplayer online game taking its cue from battle-arena styled games. Total War: Arena’s lead designer, James Russell, told Edge Online that the game incorporates a free-to-play model that will lower the barrier to play the game, therefore gaining more players and increasing matchmaking speed.

“Fundamentally, if we want to take multiplayer to the next level, we need a massive user base,” Russell said. “Just to be really clear: our intention is to make the vast majority of content available to everyone for free as long as they earn it. The focus of monetization is really around enhancing the speed at which you get access.”

Total War: Arena includes 10v10 battles where players control three units each. Players can earn items in-game or purchase them straight up, with the items acting as “accelerators” for player progression.

Source. Edge Online Via Polygon