Telltale Loses Rights To King’s Quest

King’s Quest is one of the oldest, most venerable adventure franchises around, with a volume consisting of eight titles, that have been released over the past fourteen years. With such a history, it seems as if it would be a no-brainer to pump out another one. Or at least, that’s what Telltale Games must have thought in 2011, when they purchased the rights to the franchise from Activision.

Two years later, Telltale has failed to do anything with the license, and so it has defaulted back to Activision.

“While we deeply love King’s Quest here at Telltale, we can confirm that we are no longer working on the franchise,” said Steve Allison, Senior VP of Publishing at Telltale Games. “There was a time last year that we investigated partnering with third party developers to produce the game as a partnership but decided against outsourcing. We are not privy to what plans Activision has for the franchise, if any.”

This particular outsourced partner was going to be Paul Trowe and Replay Games. Trowe had recently successfully funded a Kickstarter for a new Leisure Suit Larry game, in 2012.

“[Telltale] had it, and we were going to license it from them to make the remakes,” said Trowe. Despite these talks, Telltale opted against outsourcing, a move that current Activision now seems to be mimicking. “I talked to the guys at Activision and they were like, ‘No, we’re pulling it because we’re going to do it ourselves.'”

While neither Telltale or Trowe know for sure what Activision plans to do with King’s Quest, it seems as if, by their response, that they do plan to make a game in-house.

Source: Escapist