Square Enix Announces Hitman Absolution ICA Companion App

Square Enix announced earlier a companion app for Hitman: Absolution. The companion app, titled Hitman: ICA, involves the buying and upgrading of weapons in the actual game, as well as queueing up Contracts and reviewing in-game hints.

Companion apps are applications that function on a separate device, and work with another form of media. In this case, Hitman: Absolution.

It’s a trend that’s likely to continue, with the Wii U GamePad functioning as a companion device, as well as Windows Phones and tablets that use Xbox’s Smart Glass to control the Xbox 360. We’ll see what to what degree the next-generation systems from Microsoft and Sony will use companion devices.

Download the Hitman: ICA companion app on the iOS and Android app stores and let us know if you think it improves the game or is simply an unnecessary distraction.