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Minecraft Xbox 360: 4J Working on Fix to Address Update 9 Bugs

The much awaited update 9 for Minecraft Xbox went live yesterday to greet players with a number of bugs and issues. 4J Studios is now working on a fix that will address all reported issues since yesterday.

Players have reported facing problems when loading their save files, lots of lag, lighting issues and more. In a series of tweets, 4J Studios said:

Getting reports of issues loading saves for Silver LIVE profiles in TU9. Seems disconnecting from LIVE resolves this.

If you get “Connection to the server was lost” and are a LIVE Silver user, try disconnecting the ethernet cable. We are fixing this bug.

We’re also looking into the reported lag some people are experiencing in The End.

We are aware of some lighting issues in TU9 and are investigating these.

Last month, the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft surpassed six million sales, while its big brother has reached 10 million sales on the PC.