Minecraft for PC Sells 10M Copies, Hint for Next Update

According to a recent Tweet by Jens Bergersten, Mojang’s lead designer and developer, Minecraft for PC has sold over 10 million copies. To celebrate, we get the picture in the header as a hint for the next update for the game, here’s the tweet:

It’s pretty obvious that Minecraft has needed blonde female NPCs for quite some time. I’m pretty stoked about this update.

But jokes aside, I’ve had enough of riding pigs all the time. We’ll finally have proper mounts. Minecraft for PC was initially released as an alpha in May 17, 2009, with a full release following a few years later on November 18, 2011. 7 million copies of Minecraft for PC were sold by August, 2012.

4J Studios’ Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition was released on May 9, 2012 and surpassed six million downloads in March of this year.