Heavy Gear Assault Crowdfunding

The boys (…and girls?) at MekTek Studios are looking to bring you another Mech-tastical experience. This time, they’re looking to do it through crowdfunding. Currently, as I refresh the page, they’ve raised $115,295.00 out of $900,000 total goal. While that’s certainly a lot of money raised so far, it’s only 12% of their total goal.

If you’re wondering what you’re investing in,

#038;feature=player_embedded">here is a pretty interesting interview detailing a lot of the ideas for the game, like spectators implementing bounties on specific players, or social media announcements for tracking specific players.

Heavy Gear Assault will be using the Unreal Engine 4, so if you’re a die-hard mech fan like me, then you’re really going to want to be playing a true next generation mech game. For those of you who are curious about what the Mech design will be for Heavy Gear Assault, then check out the trailer above, to get a glimpse of what Mechs look like, in Unreal Engine 4.