Uncharted 3 Gets Animal Themed DLC in April to Support a Charity

Uncharted 3 is doing some charity stuff by releasing a new DLC in April. The newest DLC aims to provide players an opportunity to show their inner animal. If you fancy yourself of a fan of bringing out your inner animal through a mask, shirt or even the weapon skin you use to smite your foes then you might just want to buy one of these fine pieces of DLC.

The revenue generated from the DLC will go on to support a charity to prevent cruelty to animals. If you haven’t had the opportunity to partake in the cut-throat world of Uncharted 3’s multiplayer then I suggest you dive in and join in the fun! It is one ride you surely don’t want to miss out on.

I highly recommend visiting the official site and seeing the variety of options you have at your disposal. Personally, I would love to buy the horse head mask simply because of the hype surrounding it, but maybe you can find one that suits you and help a charitable cause in the process!

The content will be available for purchase through out the month of April and has already started for the US as of April 2nd with other region stores getting the content in the coming days.

Source. Naughty Dog