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The Witcher 3 Multiplayer Opportunities Being Investigated – CD Projekt Red

A multiplayer aspect may or may not be included with Witcher 3, developer CD PRojekt Red told Rocket Paper Shotgun today.

The development team members said that are currently thinking of various “opportunities” for the mode but have yet to decide whether to make it part of the game or not. They did mention that the studio is looking forward to enhance the game’s context in any way and a multiplayer is certainly something that they will try to incorporate. However, nothing is “set in stone” for now.

“That’s something [studio manager Adam Badowski] mentioned in the context of us always looking at the best ways to make the games we’re currently working on,” said marketing head Tracy Williams. “So multiplayer’s certainly something we’ll investigate, but it’s not currently set in stone for Witcher.”

“We think about different methods, but nothing’s for sure right now,” added gameplay designer Maciej Szczesnik. “We’re just investigating some opportunities.”

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will release sometime in 2014 for the PC and PlayStation 4. A release on the new Xbox is also expected, the announcement of which will probably come when Microsoft has revealed their console.

[Source: Rocket paper Shotgun]