The Ninth Title Update for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Now Available

The End has finally come in the ninth title update, and a whole host of other new features are also available.

This newest update adds The End to Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition as a major feature. You get to explore the mysterious new realm and fight the end-game boss, the Enderdragon. The otherworldly dimension that the Endermen come from isn’t all there is, though.

There’s also a ton of other things being added to the game such as new items and some much-needed mini features that you might not notice (Sheep finally growing back their wool, for one).

You can use vines as ladders, for those of you aiming for a derelict or jungle theme in your builds, and you can also make Nether Bricks out of Netherrack so that you can build that demonic-looking castle you always dreamed of.

Check out the full patch details at Play XBLA.