Mod Let’s You Play With Friends In Dark Souls

PC version of Dark Souls has just gotten a bit more fun but only just a bit…after all this is still Dark Souls we are talking about.

Remember, how in Dark Souls you could only connect with random people in the game unless you were very lucky and the game hooked you up with a friend. Well, now thanks to a new mod you can connect with people in your friend list instantaneously.

Released by a modder named ‘M0tah’ the ‘Dark Souls Connectivity Fix v1.0’ mod will do the following:

Intercepts GFWL matchmaking functions to return a friend’s session if available. This is repeated until all online friends are connected to, at which point it resumes normal behavior of looking for random peers. Allows near-instantaneous summoning / invasion of friends, as well as other network info exchanged such as bloodstains, visible blue ghosts / bonfire phantoms, bonfire kindling, etc.

You can get this mod and instructions on how to install it from here.