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Destiny Races and Classes Revealed

In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Bungie’s design director Joe Staten and art director Chris Barrett went over the process by which the studio created the world of Destiny.

In the interview, the duo touched upon many aspects of the creative process, including the loremaking and how they fashioned multiple character personalities as compared to just one (as in Halo).

The most important thing they discussed were the races and classes however.

Three races are available: the Human, the Awoken and the Exo. The humans are as you’d expect – what’s left of the human race huddled together inside the last great city on earth under the protection of the Traveller. They’re described as “relatable”, “tough”, and “uncomplicated”. Bungie used images of sports stars, such as David Beckham, and action heroes to help define what Destiny’s Humans should be.

The Awoken are described as “exotic”, “beautiful” and “mysterious”. For inspiration Bungie looked at vampires, elves, ghosts and angels.

The Exo are “sinister”, “powerful” and “tireless war machines”. For inspiration here Bungie looked at the undead, Halo star Master Chief and the Terminator.

After settling on your look, you’re then faced with deciding your character’s style of fighting. There are three to choose from: the titan, the hunter and the warlock.

The titan is the “future soldier”, inspired by hulking space marines of traditional science fiction. The hunter is a bounty hunter of sorts, inspired by Westerns. Hunters wear cloth and cloaks, with a “cool, collected” feel.

And, finally, the warlock, described as the “space wizard”. Bungie spent much time debating the rights and wrongs of having “wizards with guns” in Destiny, before eventually deciding it was okay, and that’s because, in Destiny, “guns are like swords”.

You can check out the full interview at Eurogamer.

Source. Eurogamer