Broken Silence Expansion for RaiderZ Launches Today

The first expansion for Fantasy MMO RaiderZ, titled Broken Silence, is now available for players to enjoy. The first new region of Cowen Marsh will probably be the first stop for players old and new,  looking to see fresh sights in the familiar world.

Senior Producer Mark Hill couldn’t be more excited to be releasing this new bit of content. 

“We are excited to bring our first RaiderZ expansion to our devoted players. We hope players will enjoy the new content and we are looking forward to adding even more in the future.”

Aside from the new regions similar to Cowen Marsh, the expansion raises the level cap to 40, while adding new bosses and gear. Players will see an improved matchmaking system in Broken Silence, as well as a battle “Wave System” and a PvP arena.

Do any of you play RaiderZ?  Is this expansion a welcome addition?

Source. Raiderz / Perfect World