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Frostbite 3 Engine is Primarily Focused on Being a Better Toolset

At the GDC this year, EA showed off the Frosbite 3 engine during a Battlefield 4

" title="17 minute trailer">. While the game looked as beautiful as we’ve come to expect from a Battlefield title, some say that the graphical increase wasn’t enough to justify an entire new generation of Frosbite engine. According to DICE’s Executive Producer Patrick Bach, visuals aren’t the primary focus of the Frosbite 3 engine.

“I think in general, with Frostbite 2, we have a great engine –we could create some pretty decent visuals, and great audio, great animation, etc. What we wanted to do is take a big step forward when it came to the whole game experience. So the Frostbite 3 engine is… of course it has the latest and greatest when it comes to how you create good looking graphics (as you can see in the demo), but it’s also about creating a better toolset for the developers, so we can stop talking about how to build stuff, and focus more on what we want to build.”

Bach went on to say, “So it’s a complete mindset change in the whole studio –both from a Frostbite perspective, but also from a Battlefield 4 perspective– of having a creative focus, rather than a technical focus. So to us, it’s a big change.”

It seems, to me, that Frosbite 2 was the beta test for the latest version that Battlefield 4 is using. Hopefully with this superior to use engine, we’ll see some truly amazing things out of not just Battlefield 4, but any other games that might end up using this shiny new engine.

Source: Ausgamers