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Devil Survivor Overclocked: Quick Patch for 3DS will Fix Bugs

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked was released today in Europe and almost instantly reports of bugs and in-game freezes started popping up on the web.

Players report that the issues make the game almost unplayable. Specifically, a bug which temporary freezes your game when you summon a demon into battle, and another where the game crashes in the Auction House.

Publisher Ghostlight has taken quick notice of the problem and is working with developers Atlus to bring about a patch that will squash all reported bugs.

In an official statement at theirblog, Ghostlight said:

Nintendo have also been contacted and will be able to help us both quickly and efficiently through the process of looking at a patch solution. Sorry that we don’t have any more news for you at this time but we are working as fast as we can towards a fix. We appreciate your words of support and continued patience through our first release on 3DS.

So, it seems like that owners of the game will not have to suffer for longer duration.