Runic Releases Mod Tools and Mod Guides for Torchlight 2

Are you ready to get your Torchlight II modding on? After an eternity, the mod tools for Torchlight II are finally out. The tools, called GUTS, are accessed by going to the install folder and opening the “Editor” executable file.

If modding sounds too complex, don’t worry, the developer, Runic, set up a GUTS wiki with precise directions on how to create a mod. Players can also publish their mods straight from the editor thanks to Steam Workshop integration. What’s more, Runic has two mods of its own: a Respec Potion mod and an Eight Player Multiplayer mod.

Runic posted a blog detailing its GUTS system, with a team member Q&A that should answer any questions you have.

Are you excited to finally get your hands on modding in Torchlight II? Is it your first-time modding? Don’t worry, Torchlight II will be gentle.