Reddit buys Team Fortress 2


If you’re a frequent Redditor, like me, then you’re used to the usual shenanigans that go on there on April Fool’s Day.  Well it appears this year; things have gotten a little bit crazy.

According to a post over on the Team Fortress website it appears Reddit has purchased the insanely popular game for themselves.  Now users have the ability to equip hats on their username and use items on other users’ posts to make certain words bolded, or an entire post all caps.

It appears, though, that this purchase was not on the up and up.  Apparently the Team Fortress legal team was quite clever and switched the documents around, ultimately ending in TF actually purchasing Reddit instead!  What a twist!

The Team Fortress site mentions that they’ll be rolling out some Reddit themed items for the game soon, in honor of this historic switch-a-roo, as well as some other new items to be announced once this day of uncertainty is over and we can go back to legitimate news.

You can head on over to Reddit  right now and join in the “Orangered versus Periwinkle” war.  Which side will you choose?