Poker Night 2 Announced

Poker Night at the Inventory was a fantastic little game that Tell Tale Games created a couple years back, way before we were ever wondering what would happen to Lee and Clementine.  It featured a group of fan favorite characters from various games or pop culture, sitting around a table playing poker.

Well now Tell Tale has announced a sequel and it looks like it’s going to be bigger than ever.  You’ll be able to play against the likes of Ash Williams from the Evil Dead movie series, ClapTrap from Borderlands, Sam from Sam and Max, and the mountain of a man Brock Samson from the Venture Bros. cartoon.  To top it all off, you’ll have the homicidal AI GLADoS shuffling up and dealing for you.

The coolest part of the game will be the “Bounty Unlocks” which you’ll acquire for skillful gambling.  These will let you unlock rewards within other games, like exclusive skins and heads for all versions of Borderlands 2, character accessories for the PC version of Team Fortress 2, unique Xbox 360 Avatar items, and premium themes for PlayStation 3.

It looks like we’ll be getting the game in late April on Xbox, PS3 and PC.

Source. ShackNews