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Next Black Ops 2 DLC Details Leaked, Releasing April

Some leaked promotional material suggests that we’ll be getting a brand new Zombies mode alongside the usual maps in the new Uprising DLC. A photo has emerged online of what looks like the second Call of Duty: Black Ops II map pack, with map names, a release date and a brand new Zombies mode.

The tentatively titled ‘Uprising’ map pack will feature four brand new multiplayer maps (Vertigo, Magma, Encore and Studio) like the previous ‘Revolution’ DLC. Whilst many players were expecting a new Zombies map, what appears to be a brand-new game mode for Zombies is being included instead.

The new gamemode is called Mob of the Dead and is expected to be  somewhat similar to the Call of the Dead Zombies DLC that was originally released for the first Black Ops and put you in control of famous Hollywood stars of the era.

Treyarch have described their next foray into Zombies as the “most terrifying Zombies experience to date”, so it’s assumed that Mob of the Dead is the next big thing for them.

The promotional material has suggested an April 16 release date, which puts it at just two weeks away. There’s still the chance that this could be a hoax, but it it about time that we saw some new content coming out for Black Ops II. 

Source. Joystiq