Killer is Dead: New Trailer Takes on Role of Mondo

Grasshopper Manufacture has released a new video for Killer is Dead, which teases the game’s plot a bit by letting us take on the role of Mondo himself, a government-employed executioner.

That said, Grasshopper is still reluctant to provide us with a complete synopses of the game. Regardless of that we know one thing for sure, there is going to be plenty of Blood and over-the-top action sequences.

The game is going to revolve around Mondo Zappa, a government contractor who is tasked by a cyborg named Brian Roses to kill dangerous criminals, assassin’s and the like. Mondo’s right hand wields a sword while his left is a cybernetic arm that can transform into various weapons and objects.

Killer is Dead is expected for a release in Q3 of this year on the PS3 and Xbox 360.