ESRB Rates The Best of PlayStation Network Volume 1

The PlayStation 3 had a good run, right? It’s not been without its bumps, and definitely not as iconic as the first two PlayStation systems, but we can agree it hasn’t been a total bust. And while the PlayStation Network hasn’t been as notable in the “light” game market as Xbox Live Arcade, it’s had its share of gems. (Journey, anyone?) To commemorate it, a Best of PlayStation Network bundle may be released soon, if a listing on the Entertainment Software Ratings Board is to be believed.

Titled as the Best of PlayStation Network Vol. 1, it will include just four games: Fat Princess, an action RTS; Tokyo Jungle, a survival game; Sound Shapes, a musical platformer; and When Vikings Attack, an action game. The ESRB lists it as a solid “T” rating, for blood, lyrics, suggestive themes and violence.

We’ll keep you update with new information as we get it.

Source: Polygon