Defiance Launch Trailer Celebrates its New Age

Many have come to learn about Defiance just recently. Trion World’s MMO-Online Shooter offers something different than what we usually see in the MMO department.

To put it roughly, Borderlands 2 just got its very own MMO. I loved playing Gearbox Software’s shooter, and I’m sure, likewise, many would be willing to give Defiance a try as well.

The game takes place 35 years in the future and is set up in San Francisco. The game itself is tied with an upcoming television series of the same name which will premier on the Syfy channel on April 15.

Unlike recent MMOs, Defiance is not a free-to-play game and will also feature paid content packs. These will include new alien species, additional missions, new vehicles and weapons. Each content pack will cost $9.99 individually or players can go for the $39.99 Season pass, which will give them access to the first five content packs.

Defiance is now available to download on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.