Two New The Last Of Us Trailers

We have two new bits of footage to show you from the upcoming PS3 exclusive survival-horror game, ‘The Last of Us.’

The shorter trailer was aired during the season 3 finale of the popular drama series Walking Dead last night. This trailer depicts Joel and Ellie battling hordes of zombies as you would expect. However, one thing of note was the voice overs accompanying this short trailer. Apparently, Ellie will be a far more important character in the game than we previously thought.

The second trailer from Amazon is considerably longer. In fact, it is the extended version of the trailer mentioned above. It starts with Ellie’s confession of being scared and ends with her being remorseful. Anyways, that was how I interpreted it at least.

Apart from the usual zombie fighting, we also get to see how the characters in the game will behave when faced with the dire situation of an apocalypse.

All in all, the trailers do a wonderful job of showing us what we can expect to see in the game and increasing the hype surrounding the game, if that is even possible.

The Last Of Us Walking Dead Season Finale TV Spot

The Last Of Us Amazon Exclusive Trailer

The Last Of Us will be available for the PS3 only on June 14th this year.