Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia Merge into Single Unit

While today is a day where one would have to tread carefully when reading the headlines it seems that there are still those companies who prefer putting their news out on the one day where distinguishing a news from fact or fiction is indeed a true test of skill.

It seems that Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (SCEJ) And Sony Computer Entertainment Asia (SCE) have merged together to form a new division which will be headed by SCEJ’s President, Hiroshi Kawano, and the President of SCE, Hiroyki Oda, will be second in command.

Most of the division’s crucial areas have carried over in the merger so far, such as the Gaming, Marketing and Finance divisions of the company. The future of the company looks good, seeing as how SCE and SCEJ are integral part of the PlayStation Consoles.

Currently, the company is very optimistic about its future since the PS4 reveal did lead to a 11% rise in the company’s stock and of course with the future arrival of the PlayStation 4, things can only get better for the company seeing as how they are going overboard with catering to the gamer in every aspect this time around.

Source. SCEI Official