Nvidia Apex Impresses With Hawken Destruction Demo

GDC had a lot of new reveals, and it was hard to keep track of them all. Some, like this demo video showcasing the power of the Nvidia Apex, slipped through the cracks.

The video shows a demo of a new Hawken multiplayer map that has a new feature for blowing stuff in the landscape. You can blow up buildings, walls, you can carve out a whole path or destroy the ground under an enemy mecha’s feet. The possibilities are endless using what Nvidia calls the GPU Rigid Bodies combined with the multiplayer networking support.

The tech is great for games such as Hawken, which already has so much destruction as it is. However, the screen does get a bit too cluttered for comfort at moments in the demo, the feature added to a multiplayer mode will definitely promise a lot of fun hours of gameplay. There is no news on when the new map will be available for Hawken.

Source. Nvidia Youtube