MLB 2K13’s Perfect Game Challenge – Do You Have What It Takes?

Baseball is the national past time of America, and as with other sports franchises out there, it has the annual release. MLB 2K13 is spicing things up this year in their annual “Perfect Game Challenge”, the challenge is self-explanatory as players have to make sure that no players on the opposing team is able to make their way back to base. This means that the controlling player cannot allow his pitchers to let the opposing team score a hit, a walk or even hit the batsman.

It goes without saying that accomplishing this task is no small feat and of course, the person who does accomplish it deserves a high recognition, but why settle for an achievement when you can end up showing off your skill by winning some money and have some real bragging rights!

This years MLB 2K13’s Perfect Challenge is a bit different:

Contestants can compete to win up to 30 $25,000 prize pools ($750,000 total), one per MLB team. Not only that, the four contestants with the top-rated perfect games thrown with any team will move on to the Perfect Game Challenge Tournament during MLB All-Star Week in New York for the $250,000 grand prize.

For the second year in a row, 2K Sports’ proprietary algorithm will rank individual perfect games based on difficulty (such as the opposing team’s offensive prowess and selected pitcher’s skill) and degree of perfection (such as number of strikeouts and pitching efficiency).

As you can see, there is a lot on the table and you should definitely work on dusting off your game from the shelf and get your skills back into shape, Especially if what Game Informer says about the latest installment still stands.

Source. Game Informer