Kojima Reveals The New Fox Engine At GDC

Hideo Kojima and other developers working on Metal Gear 5, revealed the new Fox Engine at the GDC held recently. The guys talked about Metal Gear 5 and how much the new engine has to offer in the new installment.

As you can see in the video, the engine looks really impressive. It is exciting to think how realistic these new engines are getting, and the Fox Engine is definitely up to par with the best of them. The video starts off by comparing the real picture of an office at Kojima productions, and the same office rendered in Fox Engine. As pointed out in the video, the lighting is commendable in its realism.

The video goes on to show some soldier models from the trailer rendered in the room. Weapons and other assets are also shown. The video also shows the lengths taken to render an important character in the game. The video finished off by showing a 24-hour cycle and other features.

Source. GamesHQMedia