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Tomb Raider Half Price on EU PS Store now!

In celebration of Easter Sunday, Sony have just put one of the best games so far this year down to half price.

The ongoing sale for this bank holiday weekend has been…poor, so far. Today however, Sony revealed that the second game going on sale for their Easter holiday celebration would be the very popular Tomb Raider that was only released a few weeks ago. Even better news is the price, it’s better than half-price (If you’re in Engand, anyway). The game is down to 29.99 from 59.99, and if you’re a British subscriber then it’s £19.99 instead of £49.99.

Tomb Raider has proven to be quite a delight to play and has some fantastic writing, making it a brilliant entry in the legendary series. If you haven’t already bought Tomb Raider and have access to PSN then I highly recommend that you snap up this title whilst you can. The sale ends at midday tomorrow when it’s being replaced with a different game to go on sale.