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Retro City Rampage Sold Like Hot Cakes on PSN and PC

Retro City Rampage developer, Brian Provinciano, has finally shared the sales figures of his game thus far and surprisingly it appears that the game has appeared to sell more on the PlayStation Network and on the PC than it did on the Xbox Live Marketplace or on Wii Ware.

You can see the figures below: (Courtesy of the Source)

  • 35,000+ units PSN ($600,000)
  • 40,000+ units PC ($400,000)
  • 15,000 units XBLA ($200,000)
  • & 5,000 units WiiWare ($100,000)

The numbers are indeed quite surprising and the developer even goes on to express his remorse of making the game for the Xbox Live Marketplace even though he had devoted the most of his time developing THAT particular version of the game:

Provinciano also said that he spent most of his time on the Xbox Live Arcade port of the game and it ended up being the most expensive of the four versions of the game. Provinciano said, Knowing what I know now, I would’ve skipped it.

I too am surprised at the abysmal sales figure for such an amazing game on one of the most highest selling consoles, even though the game itself is definitely well worth the purchase I really do wonder what could have turned people away from buying the game on the XBLA?

Currently the developer is very pleased that his game is soon going to have sold a 100k with current sales figure sitting at a proud 97k. The developer was very pessimistic about even turning over a profit on the Wii-Ware version but I guess sales figure proved him wrong.

Source: Game Informer