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Poker Night 2 Screenshot Leaked

Leaked screenshot of Poker Night 2 seems to have given away the surprise that Telltale Games had planned for April 1st. The screenshot, dug by people at NeoGAF, showcases the host of characters players will be able to play against in Poker Night 2. These characters include: Claptrap (Borderlands), Sam (Sam & Max; Max was in the original Poker Night), Ashley Williams (Evil Dead), and Brock Samson (The Venture Bros.).

GlaDOS is there too but she doesn’t seem to actively participate in the game. Maybe she is there to just pass along her witty comments.

For quite some time now Telltale Games had been running this teaser site. There is nothing much on that website except an image of random small things in a bowl. However, in light of the screenshot above we can safely deduce what these objects in the bowl mean.

Basically, these objects in the bowl have some sort of connection with the characters that will be sitting around the table in Poker Night 2. For example, Brock’s oversized combat knife and Evil Dead’s nightmarish tome, theNecronomicon.

Keep in mind that the reveal is set for April 1st. This all just may turn out to be one big April fool’s joke.

So far, Telltale Games has not made any official comments regarding this development. We will keep you informed in this matter.
Source: Polygon.