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GTA: Liberty City and Vice City Stories Headed to PS3

Rockstar has finally announced that the PS2 classics will be making an appearance on the PSN, available for download on the PS3 (and Vita). Liberty City Stories can be picked up for $9.99 and Vice City Stories for $7.99.

We witnessed to the arrivals of GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas on PSN as PS2 Classics, so it’s no real surprise to see the two other PS2 GTA games join them. The PlayStation Store is updated with new content weekly on Tuesdays in US and Wednesdays in EU. Expect both games to appear in your region’s store in next week’s update

Seems like Rockstar is trying to make sure no one has an excuse to not have played every single GTA game before the release of the fifth installment in September.

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Source: Rockstar