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Tomb Raider Reboot Sets Sales Record – Good Enough?

It seems that the Tomb Raider Reboot has turned out to be a smashing success! The game has sold 3. 4m copies to date with a million attributed to the first 48 hours of the game’s release, which is more than any of the predecessors in its opening week,

Crystal Dynamics Studio Head, Darrell Gallagher, stated that this was the largest Tomb Raider game yet, and was the result of the combined efforts of Crystal Dynamics in California (for the single player portion of the game) and Eidos Montreal (for the multiplayer portion of the game).

Even though Square Enix has admitted that the sales aren’t up to their expectations may be the coming weeks will see a change in that.

Analysts are estimating that the game will need to sell 5 Million copies for it to be a success.

I certainly hope that these numbers won’t discourage Square Enix from making a new Tomb Raider title because I for one would certainly love to see this reboot succeed in the coming years.

Source: GameSpot