Eidos Reveals Thief Teaser Trailer

Eidos Montreal has just publicly released the above teaser trailer for their upcoming Thief game.

Having talked to the developers behind the upcoming game, Eidos Community Manager; Adam Badke revealed the following about the above stated trailer:

The coolest thing about this video is that it was completely captured in-engine, in real time. And YES, I can confirm that what you’re seeing is Garrett’s actual 3D mesh that is used in the game.

The sequence was not taken from gameplay, but was specifically rendered for you guys in the community. We’ve wanted to put something together to share with you for a while now as a token of our appreciation for your dedication and patience – and we sincerely hope you enjoy it.

This teaser is just a very small taste of what’s to come. And, as a matter of fact, what’s to come is arriving in a mere matter of days! Set your watches taffers.

Thief is the much anticipated fourth iteration in the famous stealth game franchise and is slated to be released on PC, PS4 and other next gen consoles in 2014.