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Soul Sacrifice Update Adds Monsters, Locations and More

The recently launched Soul Sacrifice has having its first major update already. Producer, Kentarou Motomura, revealed what is coming in the major update releasing on April 4.

Two new monster called Dullahan and Behemoth are being added along with an area that has you inside a giant’s body. The forbidden technique Berserk is also being added.

Berserk will allow you to summon a massive tornado which will suck in nearby enemies and damage them. The side effect of the ability will make your character lose the sense of magic which for you as a player means that you won’t be able to tell which button does which magic.

The update will also include new gameplay options ad hoc multiplayer option through which you can play wirelessly. There’s also a new social media feature which allows you to share your progress and doing so will earn you an item called Libram’s Tear. The tear allows you to reduce the life force or magic on your character.

You can also get it through the new AR play card mini-game. Other changes include:

  • You can now dodge while aiming a long-ranged spell.
  • Additional option menu choices.
  • Camera speed is now adjustable.
  • Using spells that require you to hold buttons for a longer period of time doesn’t restrict you to using the right stick, as you can use the directional pad too.
  • You can now collect Libram’s Tears during Multiplayer Mode, without having to leave the game.
  • The X and R buttons are now interchangeable in Key Config.

Several other monsters and changes are also coming in future updates. The game will be releasing on April 30th in North America and May 1st in Europe.

Source: Silconera