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Rumor: Former Square Enix Developer Predicts Company Downsizing Following Wada’s Axing

Earlier this week Square Enix announced that Yoichi Wada, the president and representative director of the firm would be stepping down from his post. Internet since then has been a field of yays and nays; with a larger portion happy seeing Wada’s departure.

An individual who claims to have, until recently, worked for Square Enix as a programmer has come forward with a defensive post on the matter.

“I don’t know a company president who loves playing his own company’s games more than Wada,” the anonymous ex-programmer wrote.

Though Wada himself was not a game developer and had little knowledge of the development process, he had a stern passion when it came to his games. The post speaks of him going through design documents regularly and also attending every development meeting.

“If anything, Wada’s mistake, his weakness was that because he loved and cherished his developers so much that he put too much trust in them,” the post continued.

According to the author, this was the primary reason for Square Enix’s notorious fame of having high-grade games fall into development crisis. Important people were needed to let go but weren’t.

At the end, the post also mentions those specific individuals to now be left in the open because of Wada’s axing. Once the firm’s re-structuring is complete, company downsizing in the development staff is highly likely.

Source. Kotaku