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Painkiller: Hell & Damnation Gets New DLC

Painkiller: Hell & Damnation is getting a new DLC and it is arriving tomorrow on Steam.

In the DLC, Nordic Games and Farm 51 will be bringing the most original enemies ever introduced in a FPS; Nazi Zombies! Please note that this time around Nazi zombies will also be accompanied by zombified versions of the American and Russian military.

The DLC is titled as ‘Zombie Bunker ‘and it will primarily be a single player add-on. Here are the full contents of the DLC pack:

Reworked map: In Stalingrad (former “Leningrad”) – Inbound airstrikes, airplanes and Zeppelins firebomb our hero and even deploy Zombie Soldiers from above!
Area 51 and Cold War will hit you hard in the reworked map “Military Base” – Space Commandos, UFO boss fight and nuclear missiles
Two new rocket launchers (environment weapons)
One new Multiplayer map: DM Fragenstein, playable in various Multiplayer modes
New enemies: Russian, American, and German Zombie Soldiers as well as their tanks!
New melee weapon: The “Morgenstern” – Smite your enemies with its spiky ball at short distances, or deploy sticky mines to battle from afar
New Silver Tarot card: Armor Regeneration (recharging your collected armor)

The ‘Zombie Bunker’ DLC pack will be available for £5.99, tomorrow on Steam.

The game is currently available on the PC only. It will be arriving on the PS3 and Xbox 360 on the 5th of April.

Source: Gamedot