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Monster Hunter 3 Ulitmate And Price Cut Lead to Wii U Sales Spike

The Wii U has been slipping out of the console wars with some of the big titles not even being released on the Wii U such as the upcoming Battlefield 4. However, Nintendo has their own line of exclusives to offer and these titles make the Wii U and 3DS a must buy.

It is only natural then, that with the UK launch of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate along with the recent Lego City Undercover and a massive sale on the Wii U offered by HMV, the console’s sales went up to 125 percent in UK in the last week.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is a title that did not originally catch the attention of audience outside Japan but with the UK pre-order, the game quickly went up in the sales chart. The HMV sale offered the Wii U at a reduced price along with a copy of Ubisoft’s ZombiU for a total saving of £140.

Source. MyNintendoNews via Nintendo Life