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MechWarrior Online to be Launched This Summer

If you have been anticipating the release of MechWarrior Online, we have got some good new for you. According to ShackNews, the expected release date of MechWarrior Online is in the Late-Summer period, but a proper date is still not known. However, it has been speculated to be in between August 21st & September 21st.

Regardless of its release, some of the game’s features have also been brought into light, which are as follows:

  • UI 2.0 will release in June / July, allowing new players to take advantage of a fresh and less user friendly UI.
  • Maximum size of matches will be increased from two-lance 8v8 to three-lance 12v12 which as you can guess is going to be a significant addition.
  • Community Phasing will be in full effect by the start of June / July, the first phase will allow players to ally themselves to a faction, phase two will allow players to fight as a faction and the third phase will allow players to take over territory as their faction.

Mechwarior Online should attract the savvy mech fans, and it certainly looks cool enough to do so. If you haven’t considered it yet, you may want to think again.

Source: ShackNews