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Hideo Kojima Explains the Phantom Pain Fake-out

The creator of the Metal Gear Solid series talks a bit more about Metal Gear Solid V and the reason behind the Phantom Pain fake-out.

When we tuned into the Spike Video Game Awards last year we got a first look at a mysterious new title called The Phantom Pain, which had us questioning a lot of things.

Some digging around revealed that Kojima was attached to this mysterious title and that it was pointing towards a potential Metal Gear Solid 5. Many people called The Phantom Pain a hoax being pulled by Kojima. Well, it turns out that those people were right.

Kojima recently spoke to GameTrailers about the decision to promote the new Metal Gear game in this manner.

It’s been sort of dull lately, and we really wanted to energize the community

Considering that a number of games have recently been using ARGs in one manner or another to promote them or to announce certain titles, this kind of approach was a great idea to get players engaged and get the hype train rolling without actually having an official announcement.

Another reason behind the trailer for The Phantom Pain was so that they could get some honest opinions of the visuals and gauge the fan reaction to the FOX engine without having the hype of the Metal Gear Solid name attached to it.

Source. GameTrailers