Bungie Shows Us The Aliens of Destiny

More news on Bungie’s enigmatic new shooter emerge from the Game Developer’s Conference 2013.

Details have been scant for Destiny, the new project that we’ve all been waiting on from Bungie. Fortunately for those of us who are getting excited for the game, they’ve released a new trailer this week at GDC 2013, and this trailer shows us the character development as well as some of the forms of the aliens that inhabit the world of Destiny.

You might not get to see any actual gameplay in this video, but you do get an insight into the creative process as Bungie take us from concept art to fully animated character models.

You can also familiarize yourself with the various alien species that you will inevitably run into during your game such as the robotic Vex or the imposing Cabal. Not only are the enemies in the trailer, you also get some close-up looks at the kind of character you can make such as the mighty Titan or the mysterious Warlock.