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All Skyrim DLC is 50% off untill April 1st

No this isn’t an April Fool’s day joke on our part (though it could be from Bethesda). Apparently, all Skyrim DLC is 50% until the new month begins.

If your Dragonborn has explored all the caves and dungeons in the game and is sitting bored at home on a Sunsday afternoon with his broadsword rusting, then you might consider snagging his bonus adventures at this reduced price.

Both the vampiric Dawnguard and the Lovecraftian Dragonborn packs are 800 Microsoft Points ($10), while the home live of the Hearthfire DLC is 200 MSP ($2.50).

The sale comes a bit late for me, but then again, maybe that’s because I got all the content the second it was launched. What about you? Check out the post for yourself at Bethblog.

Source. Bethblog