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The Reason For Killer is Dead Episodic Division Explained

It appears that the talents of Suda 51 (Known for No More Heroes) are yet to exhaust as he is now working on Killer is Dead, which is undoubtedly going to be a smash hit of a game.

The game will be split into episodic content but won’t be like “The Walking Dead” by TellTale games where players will have to see a “Previously” screen. The story will be similar to that of Killer 7 where it is weaved around the various personalities portrayed in different chapters in the story.

Suda 51 is trying to shape this game into the direction of a TV Show more than a video game and because of this, he is actively encouraging his audience to take the game at a slow pace and play one episode a day to get the “self-contained story” feel to it.

Suda is well aware that his advice will surely fall on deaf ears but maybe there are those of us who might take his advice and enjoy the game better than the metaphorical hares in this story. Perhaps, slow and steady should be the way to play this (what I am sure will be) amazing game!

Source: Polygon