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Rumour: Crytek USA Interested in Acquiring Darksiders IP

Vigil Games, the developers behind the Darksiders series were left out during THQ’s assets auction; following their announcement of bankruptcy last year.

It’s been a while now and no one is stepping up to purchase the studio. The tale of the riders is yet to be fully told and if the rumor is true, then they shall rise once again.

David Adams, the CEO of Crytek USA has expressed his interest in purchasing the IP.

The following was his tweet yesterday on what looks like his official account:

Looking to buy @darksiders IP back from #THQ.The IP belongs in the hands of its creators. #PS3 #Xbox

In a second tweet he also mentioned that a Wii U port would be considered as well. However, the legitimacy of Adams’ account is still in question. Fans of the series should cross their fingers and hope for the best.

Source: Twitter