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Iconic Voice of Snake not Returning for Metal Gear Solid 5

With all the buzz surrounding Metal Gear Solid 5, Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes, fans took to twitter to ask the man behind the voice of Solid Snake, writer/director David Hayter, if he’d be reprising his role as the one-eyed mercenary.

The fans were surprised and dissapointed to find out that he wouldn’t be and wasn’t even approached by Hideo Kojima to come back.  He responded to the growing outrage by simply saying “Well look, I had a good run.”

It’s hard to say why Hayter wouldn’t be asked back, especially after he’s been the voice of Snake for over a decade.  Maybe it’s a story decision or maybe the ever mysterious Kojima has something else up his sleeve, we’ll just have to wait for the games to find out what’s going on.

What do you guys think of this surprising change of events? Let us know in the comments.

Source: CVG