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Hideo Kojima Clears Up Some Metal Gear 5 Mystery

If you’ve seen the new Metal Gear Solid 5 trailer then you’re probably asking a lot of questions. 

As we all know, this is quite common with just about everything Hideo Kojima does and it’s especially apparent in anything with the name Metal Gear attached.  But have no fear, true believers, the enigmatic Kojima has taken to his twitter to clear up how the two games of Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes will work together to form Metal Gear Solid 5.

Ground Zeroes is a prolouge of MGSV.  9 years after that event will be Phantom PainMetal Gear Solid 5 comprises these two parts, much like Metal Gear Solid 2 opened with the Tanker chapter then moved to the plant portion starring Raiden. The gameplay demo I presented today is the opening of [The Phantom Pain, which is a tutorial that starts from crawling.

With Kojima actually giving us this much information it begs the question: “What’s he holding back?”  I bet he’s sitting back laughing at all of us as we scramble to figure it all out.

What do you guys think of this revelation? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Hideo Kojima_EN Via Joystiq