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Guild Wars 2 – ArenaNet is Trying Out a New Storytelling Strategy

Guild Wars 2 is trying something a bit different in the way of storytelling and Living World Designer Leif Chappelle is helping to explain it to fans a bit better. 

“What we’re creating is an actual chronology of the world,” Chappelle says. “The events of Flame and Frost will create repercussions throughout the world, bringing new tales and conflicts to light. Through the course of 2013, the concept of these Living World releases will grow in scope and grandeur as we move ahead and build up the groundwork to make this a key component of the developing and ever-changing world of Guild Wars 2.”

Chapelle goes on to say that several storytelling tools are being employed, including open world activities, dungeons, crafting, and instanced episodes. 

He says that the team has worked hard to make the user interface clearer in regards to steering players to the right places to advance the story ArenaNet is trying to tell.  Players will also be able to go back and see earlier stages of this story while the event is going on, which is good if you want a refresher or you’re just jumping into the story as a new player.

You can check out the Flame and Frost story arc right now and even get Guild Wars 2 for 30% off till April 1st.

Source: Guild Wars 2 Official Via Massively