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EA Blames Maxis for SimCity Always Online DRM

It seems that the blame game regarding SimCity and its draconian DRM has taken its toll on the game causing it to get less than satisfying reviews. Fans went outrageous and even Amazon stopped selling the game due to the huge number of complaints received against the game.

In a recent interview EA’s Label President, Frank Gibeau, insisted that everyone should stop blaming EA and should instead aim their guns at the people over at Maxis Studios whom he insists are the ones who pushed for the Online DRM.

Talking to GamesIndustry, he explained how Maxis had a vision about different Worlds interacting online which required an always online connection.

The interview gets particularly interesting when he decides to label SimCity as an MMO because SimCity by far doesn’t have the characteristics of a proper MMO.

Read the interview and perhaps share your thoughts on who you believe to be the true culprit in ruining one of gaming’s most treasured franchises.

Source: GamesIndustry