Nvidia Demonstrates the Capabilites of New Destruction Tech

It appears that Battlefield 4 isn’t the only one waging a path of destruction behind it as Nvidia also stepped up to the plate to show off the new destruction tech demo. The current demo is running at 30 FPS on an GTX 680. Watch the latest tech demo tear apart a fine example of Greek architecture bit by bit and with controlled explosions carefully placed.

As you can see, the new tech demo does show a lot of promise and perhaps can be utilized in upcoming video games to make them more realistic. Nvidia has already worked on PhysX which makes the stages more lively and AMD / ATI introduced Tress FX which introduced players to the world of super realistic hair movements in game so surely, something like this is truly welcome.

Currently, there is no further word on the demo but of course, you can expect to hear about it in the coming future. For now, you can relish the destruction.